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Student developer windows and linux usage

Neerukonda Puneeth Neerukonda Puneeth Follow Mar 09, 2020 · 1 min read
Student developer windows and linux usage
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Generally, many developers prefer to use either linux or mac. But, mac is a very costly thing where students cannot afford, but it is secured.

Now coming to linux, we can’t just define it. It is very addictable using linux.


1. Performance:

If we talk about performance, Linux runs faster than windows, even with the improved graphics compared to previous it is faster.

If we open android studio in windows whole system goes down, but in linux we can able to run some other programs parallelly.

2. Updates:

Windows updates are very irritating, they need need to reboot for every update and it takes a lot of time to update i.e reboot. But in linux the updates are very fast and very rare updates need reboot that too it takes very less time.

3. Flavours:

Windows only has one theme, and which is less customizable. Linux has many flavours and many of them are highly customizable. Some of them are Linux mint, Ubuntu, Kali Linux and many more..

4. Security:

No system is safe, when comes to security, though Linux is more secure compared to Windows. There are various constraints for this.

  • Windows is widely is used OS, so it is a target.
  • Windows is preparatory software i.e source code is hidden, so bugs and flaws can only fixed by the company. But Linux is opensource so anyone can fix it.

5. Support:

Microsoft Windows support isn’t bad, but linux has more forums and chatroom’s and websites where support comes from enthusiastic, where as for windows we should relay on the Company forums where employees give answers much time.

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